The tenement house with picturesque arcades supported on stone columns is the most frequently photographed building in Leszno Old Market Square. The corner, two-storey building with an attic suited to hotel standards is maintained in the Baroque style.


The tenement house located at number 29 is the oldest one in the square, probably erected in 1634, which was registered in the first town plans and local archives with number 3. Most buildings in the square are tenement houses erected between 1870 and 1914. Only a few of the Baroque tenement houses with characteristic front façades survived the great fire, which took place in Leszno in 1790, in an unchanged condition. One of them is the tenement house with arcades, which is the only maintained house from the row of buildings, which at that time were located on the east side of the square.

The building is mostly in the exact same shape as initially, with a quadruple façade and column arcades with cross barrel vault. It is covered with pediment roof. The first floor is separated with a frame and features beautiful beams and panels under the windows. This is where the marvellous stained glass windows from 1905 survived. The top of the tenement house is separated with pilasters, with large outflows, closed with cornice. The side elevation consists of eight parts and has a similar floor plan.


From the beginning the tenement house was a residential building with an outbuilding. One of the first owners was Nikodem Paprocki, a tax collector.


In 1817, for 5000 Thalers, the building was purchased by Karol Ludwik Tieke after whose death the property was inherited by his widow, Anna Regina Tieke.


From 1837 Mark Ornstein was the next owner, and after 10 years the owner was a miller, Jan Gotfryd Tschopke with his wife Ernestyna.


In 1849 the property went into the hands of the distiller Edward Arndt, allegedly the future son-in-law of Tschopke. The tenement house was thoroughly rebuilt in the second half of the 18th century by Maria Julia Arndt, a widow after Edward Arndt’s death. In 1885 the ownership right was transferred onto another distiller, Herman Arndt who continued the rebuilding works.


It is assumed that the building was widened and the bar with a counter was extended, the pediment roof was installed and two rooms in the front attic were created. The entire outbuilding was expanded by one storey. From 1890 the property was managed by Antoni Kuśnierski with his wife Maria.


In May 1905, the construction plan referring to the demolition of partition walls showed the name of Ferdynand Stolpe, a tradesman, as the owner. The ground floor housed brassiere and bathrooms while the first floor was planned for a hotel and restaurant with beautiful stained glass windows. From 1916, Stanisław Matyaszczyk was the lessee who specialised in venison, poultry and fish trade. In 1935 the property was acquired by Emil Schneider’s company, the owner of the Leszno brewery and malt plant.


After three years, the building went to the hand of Franciszek Kubiak, a restaurateur and distiller.


In 1953 the building was acquired by the government. It underwent three small renovations in 1961, 1973 and 1977. From 1995 the premises were managed by the ‘Tempo’ company.


The current owners of the building, from 2007, are Iza and Adam Kenkel, fascinated by the beautiful building. The carefully restored building, according to its 100-year-old tradition, houses a hotel and restaurant, that is the WIENIAWA.

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